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Sourdough Bread



We are now taking orders!

You can order here for pickup at the bakery on Friday. Cutoff for ordering is Wednesday at 10pm


My story

My name is Per Nevrin, I'm Swedish but have lived in the UK for over 10 years now. Teston Bakery started in 2016 when I decided to take my homebaking to the next level and build a microbakery in my garage in Teston village. I wanted to make simple sourdough from the best possible ingredients, as local as possible. Hand made and sold to local farm shops and restaurants.


In late 2017 we moved to Oast Brewers Hall in Mereworth for some more space. We serve the local area from Seven Oaks to Maidstone and deliver to our wholesale customers while now also about to take preorders from households for pickup from the bakery,  with an eye on delivery.


We love gluten

In today's trend-heavy society, gluten has become a four-letter word.

A lot of people do have gluten intolerance but research has shown that it can be due to commercial yeast in breads that take less than 2 hours to make in total. It is a product that is very difficult to digest for our gut. Using a natural leaven/sourdough breaks down gluten and frees up minerals and vitamins from the flour that makes it so much more beneficial for your gut. Unfortunately, if you fall into the coeliac category, then you will have to stick to gluten-free as it is an allergy of all things gluten. We will leave the gluten-free products for others to make as they do it so much better than us. Do look out for our spelt breads as they are made with spelt flour, an ancient grain that is low in gluten.


Get Yourself A Fresh Loaf Today


“ The best baguettes in town, in Kent and probably the rest of England!

I had been waiting so long to find the combination of crispiness of crust and softness of crumb that I used to buy from the finest French bakeries”

—Guillame Brunet


“The best bread I have eaten in years! Unfortunately it's so good, it flies off the shelves of Hayward's Farm Shop, and too often I don't get there in time! And the fougasse is spectacularly delicious too!”

— Silvia Ortiz Nin