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located in Teston, Kent


no additives.  just flour, water, salt and leavening

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real bread takes time

we are part of the ‘Real Bread Campaign’¬†fighting for better bread in Britain

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we are a small, local business, we believe in good food and community values

real bread

After baking at home for several years I decided to take the plunge and build a small bakery on our property. After the first year of producing small batches of hand made bread and a break of almost 10 months to relocate the bakery, I am now trying to make the same bread in larger quantities for wholesale in local farm shops, restaurants and pubs. Per Nevrin, January 2018

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Available to buy from Farmer's Farm Shop

Our bread is available at Farmer’s Farm Shop in Teston on Weds, Fri & Sat, fresh from the oven at 10am until 5pm.


Available to buy from Fromage & French (Tunbridge Wells)

Head to Fromage & French on Sat mornings from 10am for some delicious French cheese and our traditional French baguettes.

Visit Fromage & French
fromage and french

Available at Teston Village Stores

We are pleased to announce we will now be stocked at Teston Village Stores on Weds, Fri & Sat (days subject to change, please see our weekly sales update in our news section.

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naturally leavened

White organic flour, stoneground wholemeal flour, sea salt and water. Slow fermented dough and long proofing times gives this bread lots of flavour and a chewy crumb.